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Master in Musical Acoustics

Besides the normal courses, Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan) proposes in Cremona a new master degree in Music and Acoustic Engineering dedicated to sound and music acoustics, with some courses held in English.

The first year is completely dedicated to the basics of acoustics, viber-acoustics and signals’ decoding. Moreover, some “upgrading” courses are offered to the students coming from not-engineering bachelor degrees. At the second year, instead, are organized the courses that characterize the music and environmental acoustic subjects. The course “Musical Acoustics” is focused on acoustics of music instruments.

In the course called “Room Acoustics” it is studied how to plan a listening environment taking into consideration some fundamental elements: sound’s quality, acoustic comfort and soundproofing. Some courses dedicated to the numerical simulation of acoustic and viber-acoustic phenomena and to electro-acoustics, are also organized.

The students, moreover, can follow some courses at the faculty of Musicology of Pavia University dedicated to the study of organs, physics and chemistry of the materials used for music instruments and to the restoration of ancient music instruments (courses included in the degree in restoration of scientific and music instruments).

The Master Degree in Music and Acoustic Engineering is the result of a long planning path and it represents a unicum, the result of the research activity of the Musical Acoustic Lab of Politecnico di Milano, that has its seat at the Violin’s Museum.