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Politecnico di Milano – Cremona Campus

Among the sectors of information engineering, those of acoustics and audio are experiencing a moment of very fast and deep technological evolution. Everyday new solutions appear in the market allowing to record and reproduce experience of immersive listening with devices at a more and more affordable price. Thanks to new techniques of intelligent processing of signals today it is possible to draw music information directly from the audio flow, customize music contents, create more and more complete profiles of the listener. The new technologies of the acoustic signals processing allow also to intervene in the design of precious music instruments and specialized listening spaces for music fruition. This is possible thanks to the concurrence of different studies, all associated by research and development offered by the information engineering.

The Polytechnic is the ancient university of Milan, it was established in 1863 and its first headquarters hosted 36 students of the sole course provided, the engineering course. Two years later, for the first time it was activated also the course of architecture and today, with its three degree programmes – engineering, architecture and design – its branches of Milan and those in the cities of Como, Cremona, Lecco, Mantua and Piacenza, plus a campus in India and one in China. Today the Polytechnic counts more than 40.000 students of which 900 enrolled in the PhD programme. It has 12 departments, 6 schools and more than 250 laboratories. The faculty of engineering of the Polytechnic is the biggest of Italy (it graduates almost 20% of the Italian engineers) and is one of the biggest and most prestigious of the world. Furthermore, it is the Italian university with the highest concentration of international students (almost a third of the students of master), with a master’s degree programme almost completely in English.

As regards the information engineering, the Department in question is the Department of electronic engineering, information and bioengineering (DEIB). With a staff of almost 1000 researchers and administrative-technicians, the DEIB is the biggest ICT Department in Europe and one of the most important of the world. The research group that has mainly promoted the research initiatives on musical acoustics in Cremona is the Image and Sound Processing Lab, that to date has promoted, coordinated or taken part in almost 30 European projects, and hundreds of national and international, including extra-European, projects related to the processing of multimedia signals. The laboratory of Musical Acoustics in Cremona, is today a research reality of high scientific profile, with a huge number of publications of high scientific profile.

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