New perspectives about European handicraft, Cremona represented Italy in Brussels

The Mayor Gianluca Galimberti participated to the workshop organized by DG Grow (General Directorate of the European Commission for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) that took place on the 18th of November in Brussels, representing Cremona. The workshop aimed at presenting the survey “Economics aspects of geographical indication protection at EU level for non-agricultural products” that is mainly focused on the enlargement of IG (Geographical Indications) to non-agricultural products. Europe, in fact, is working to understand how we can safeguard the places of handicraft and, in particular, of artistic handicraft.

The most important news is that Cremona was selected to represent Italy and our system of local network. The Mayor presented what has been done and highlighted what we are doing in Cremona to support the artistic violin-making tradition: Cremona Municipality, in fact, on the basis of the Agreement signed in July 2018 by all the subjects that supported the UNESCO candidature in 2012, is recognized by the Italian government as the institution in charge and responsible of “Cremona violin-making tradition”.

The mayor described the scenery of our violin-making tradition, inscribed in the list of UNESCO heritage, on which the entire town has taken in the last years some important decisions: in particular, he highlighted some cutting-edge choices, made recently in the framework of the Cultural District of Violin- Making. The violin-maker and his/her training represented the center of the entire system of knowledge, research, innovation and production that is at the service of the quality’s growth of our handicraft system. This is what is happening now in Cremona. And for this reason, Cremona is an interesting example for UNESCO and Europe.

It was an important moment to compare Cremona with the other European selected and high-quality experiences of safeguard of non-agricultural products. At the workshop that took place in Brussels participated Antonio Ginestet and Adrien Trucas, who presented the French system of protection of non-agricultural products, Bernard O’Connor (lawyer, expert in protection of IG) and a representative of the company “Delft Bleu Pottery” (NL).

Before the event in Brussels it was organized a meeting with the partners of the Cultural District of Violin-Making, Cremona Chamber of Commerce, Consortium Violin-Makers “A. Stradivari”, CNA and Confartigianato Cremona.