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Museo del Violino

The Antonio Stradivari Violin Museum foundation was born in 2013 and represents an essential step for the creation of the integrated cultural system that today characterises so deeply the city. It collects the Stradivarian objects, the recreation of a luthier workshop and above all two priceless collections: the Treasury and Friends of Stradivari, besides a collection focused on the expression of the world’s best contemporary lutherie.

At the Violin Museum (MdV) visitors can explore five centuries of violinmaking in Cremona directly through the great master violinmakers – Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri – and their outstanding instruments by following the well-balanced blend of art and craftsmanship, tradition and innovation which flows from late Renaissance to contemporary violinmaking workshops.
Concerts and live performances on historical violins, multimedia installations and a wealth of documentary displays allow everyone to enjoy an exciting and enthralling visit in which history and instruments, fragrances, sounds and images converge to give shape to stories, dreams and emotions.