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Arvedi Laboratory of non invasive diagnostics

The research activities of the Arvedi laboratory of the University of Pavia, housed in the “Museo del Violino” (Museum of the Violin), aim at the development of a non-invasive an innovative analytical protocol devoted to the conservation of musical instruments. Using powerful scientific facilities, the laboratory provides the characterization of the constituent materials and their alterations, as well as the shapes and sizes of ancient and modern musical instrument. The choice of a totally non-invasive approach guarantees, in cooperation with curators and conservators, a thorough in situ analysis of the Museum’s collection, in order to collect in a global database all the information about each instrument, sharing discoveries and knowledge with the violin-making’s world. This analytical method can also be extended to the study of the works of art in general.

The new facilities at the laboratory allow us to obtain several information through:

  • Professional high-resolution photography (gigapixels images) in visible light (softbox led), chromatically calibrated;
  • Professional fluorescence photography (UV-light);
  • Endoscopy;
  • high-resolution digital Radiography with the possibility to perform measurements via software;
  • high-resolution Stereoscopic images of surface details with the possibility to perform measurements;
  • 3D Modeling of the musical instrument or its parts with a laser scanner; processing of the polygonal mesh with the possibility to export 2D CAD profile sections and to carry out measurements;
  • Elemental analysis of inorganic phases for the characterization of wood fillers, pigments, etc. through X-Ray Fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF);
  • Molecular Vibrational analysis of organic phases for the characterization of varnishes, dyes, etc. through diffuse reflection infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR);

The laboratory counts international collaborations, training undergraduate and PhD students, and publishes the results in international scientific journals.