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Master in Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage

The conservation and restoration of ancient music instruments pass from the wise hands of a very significant professional profile: the restorer. A complex job made not only of big artisan skills, but also of in-depth studies of history, art and science, allowing to focus the subject in a wide and deep cultural context, essential to choose the most suitable interventions. Restore an ancient music instrument, indeed, not only raise questions of scientific and technical – artisan areas, but also concerning ethics of conservation, namely, related to the most suitable interventions to be carried out: better operate to assure the object functionality, and therefore allow the instrument to go on playing, or is it better to give up the performance of the instrument in favour of a safer and longer conservation of the object as art object? Only a well-trained restorer can assess from time to time the most suitable solution among a conservative and a functional choice, according to deep knowledge concerning history, history of music, use of music instruments and how this use has changed over the time, besides the essential knowledge to operate the interventions. Hence, a complex cultural approach that shall be supported by a solid scientific background in chemistry, physics, biology applied to restoration, environmental physics.

In order to realize this degree programme characterized by the great complexity and variety of subjects including both liberal arts and science, the university of Pavia has involved other five departments besides that of Musicology, making available its professors of civil engineering and architecture, earth science, physics, chemistry and economics, and also the Polytechnic University of Milan, project partner, has made available two professors: one of computer science and one of musical acoustics.

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Venue of the lessons: Palazzo Raimondi

Venue of the laboratories: Palazzo Fodri