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Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage – Università degli studi di Pavia

Taking care of conservation and protection of an artistic heritage requires a solid preparation in different areas, from liberal arts to science to technique. In Cremona, the prestige in the ancient art of lutherie has been for a long time supported by the one related to musicological research, for which the city is recognised as one of the most prestigious international research centres. Today also in the field of conservation and restoration of music instruments. This thanks to the degree programmes and the PhD programme held in the Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage at the Cremonese headquarters of the university of Pavia, and its Laboratory “Arvedi” of non-invasive diagnostics in the Violin Museum.

The university of Pavia is the most ancient athenaeum of Lombardy and one of the most ancient of Europe: indeed, it was established in 1361. Today it counts more than 25.000 students for the 17 departments of its branches, one in Pavia and the other one in Cremona, and takes part in international projects in networks with the most prestigious colleges of the world and promotes interdisciplinary researches.

The current Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage is the outcome of a story started in 1952, when in Cremona the School of Music Paleography was established within Università degli studi di Parma [University of Parma]. Through various experiences, such as the passage to Università degli studi di Pavia in 1971, in 1979 the four-year degree programme in Musicology was activated, in 1987 the PhD programme in music philology and in 2001 it became Faculty of Musicology. Today it is the Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage and it offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Musicology, Science of literary text and cultural heritage, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, the curriculum “Sources and instruments for history of art” of the master’s degree programme in History and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage, a PhD programme in Science of literary and music text and the international post-degree master “Music and cultural practice in Europe”.

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