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This is a special firm of the Province of Cremona providing training services. At Cr.Forma there is the school of restoration offering vocational training in the sector of lutherie, restoration, and of conservation, protection and enhancement of cultural heritage, with a very wide range of opportunities.

Course for bow maker

Its activity starts in the Seventies with courses for bow maker, and those for classical guitar, harpsichord, double bass and lute maker, but only the course for bow maker is still active to the present days, attended over the years by a higher and higher number of students, most of whom already trained in the School of Lutherie, the“Stradivari” institute.

Here the students complete their education, by learning the best techniques to design and make any type of bow, according to the requirements of the musician and instrument for which the bow will be used.

Technician of restoration: paintings on canvas and wood, wood-curved products; stone materials and wall paintings; books, ancient documents and photos

Along with the course of bow maker, from the Eighties Cr.Forma proposes also courses of artistic craftsmanship making the range of courses richer: These are courses for technician of the restoration in three different areas:

  1. paintings on wood or canvas, wood-carved products;
  2. stone materials and wall paintings
  3. books and archival material, paper and parchment products, photographic material.

In every area the students learn to operate with the conservative restorer in activities of analysis of works under intervention, diagnosis of the state of preservation. They work on precious products and share with the restorer the operating phase concerning materials and techniques of performance.

From their establishment, the three courses have trained several technicians that today operate in Italy and abroad. The level of preparation of the graduated students is, indeed particularly high and corresponds, for instance, to the requests of some prestigious national and international institutes such as the Trinity College (Dublin), the National Gallery (London), the Biblioteca Marciana (Venice), the centre of cataloguing and restoration Villa Manin in Passariano, laboratories of restoration of the Vatican Museums.

Innovations: the courses for technician of restoration of pipe organs, technician of restoration of music instruments of plucked classic lutherie and bowing, technician for acoustic fine-tuning of bowed string instruments

In more recent times the school has introduced other three training courses, expression of the cultural unrest concerning the music instruments: those of technician of restoration of pipe organs, technician of restoration of music instruments of plucked classic lutherie and bowing and the higher vocational training course in acoustic fine-tuning of bowed string instruments.

The first one is held in Crema, small town with an artisan and organ tradition that has been historically developed and lasted without interruption since the XVIII century, and has been active since 1993. For the first time in Italy, the course is completely dedicated to knowledge, making and restoration of pipe organs.

The course for technician of restoration of music instruments of plucked classic lutherie and bowing represents a unicum in the national scenario. It trains technicians able to operate to limit the degradation processes of lutherie heritage and to assure its better conservation; it is reserved to people aged up to 35 years, with limited places, it is normally completed in three years and is led by eminent master luthiers and university teachers. With a peculiarity: most of the practical activities is performed on objects bound by the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage, therefore on a very precious heritage!

Finally, the course of acoustic fine-tuning of bowed string instruments was activated in 2014 and is attended by 20 selected students from various Countries who intend to learn specialized competence concerning the sound, its control and its verification for the acoustic improvement of bowed string instruments. In order to achieve this objective, the course makes use of scientific equipment and of the precious cooperation of musicians and is outcome of an articulated partnership with the high school of lutherie “Stradivari”, the Chamber of Commerce, the Consortium of luthiers, and three universities: Università degli studi di Pavia [University of Pavia], Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Polytechnic University of Milan.