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Accademia Stauffer

The most important undertaking of the Fondazione, has been the setting up of the Accademia Walter Stauffer in 1985, for the training of string players in the performance of chamber music and the solo repertoire.

Since then, yearly specialization courses (free of charge) for violin, viola, cello and double-bass are held in Cremona by the following teachers of high international prestige: Salvatore Accardo – for the violin, Bruno Giuranna – for the viola, Antonio Meneses – for the cello, Franco Petracchi – for the double-bass.

From 2011, there is also a yearly specialization course for string quartets, held by the Quartetto di Cremona, made up of the following teachers: Cristiano Gualco – violin, Paolo Andreoli – violin, Simone Gramaglia – viola, Giovanni Scaglione – cello.


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Director: Paolo Petrocelli

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